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November 03, 2006


Stewart A Mitchell its freezing

wow powerleveling

For the fifth consecutive year, IBM is the U.S. patents leader. In 1997, IBM received 1,724 U.S. patents from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office--over 300 more than any other company. The achievement caps a year in which IBM introduced a breakthrough in semiconductor technology with the development of integrated circuits using copper wiring in place of aluminum.


Garden Books Soft-opening(Beijing)
Cafe + Books = Good Times
Open: 8am-9pm
This cafe and bookstore is a fantastic addition to Beijing’s foreign community. And you could always have the best food. This two-story bookstore provides an extensive selection of English-laungage titles for all ages. And the cafe’s highlights include gelato (Italian ice cream), Illy coffee, and a quiet seating area to work or chat in if you need it.
44 Guang Hua Road,by 2nd Ring(E),Chaoyang District,Beijing,100020


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So... how is it all going?)))

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