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February 17, 2005


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The philosophical society, established at Dubl in in 16S3, owed its origin to his endeavors, and he became the firt secretary. Soon after, he was appointed surveyor-general of the works, and chief engineer.

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Nant-wich, where ho was taken prisoner by the army belonging to the parliament, and sent to the Tower, where he remained till 1646.

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Outlines of the Anatomy of the Human Body."—Donald, his second son. became a physician in the army; and wrote Observations on the Means of preserving the Health of Soldiers,"

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"I hi've nothing," rejoined monsieur, "that I can stake against your coat buttons, for I don't sport my wit so cheaply." "So cheap, Mr. Frenchman; look ye,"

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It will be found, that the eleventh, reckoning from the one by whom you bean, will remain the last, and consequently will have no share in the distribution

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The Frenchman seemed surprised at this instance of ostentation, and in order to give the vaunter a lesson of prudence, accepted the wager.

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whereby they may acquire the reputation of deep readers, and elegant scholars; that is, by learning the titles of books

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That's how it happened, and he served you quite right—tit for tat, my boy, that's all. So now I will trouble you to inclose a ten-pound note to Will Lane, regretting the accident, and hoping he is in a fair way of recovery.

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"No, you are not, Master Jack, but a long way from it; Knightley saw you were intending to cross him also, and by waiting his time, caught you cleverly on the hop.

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If you think he will come, I shall think so too; for you know Knsrombe.''Yes—I have some right to that knowledge; though I have never been at the place in my life.

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I am sorry there should be any thing like doubt in the case/ replied Emma; 'but am disposed to side with you, Mr. Weston.

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She is an odd woman! But I never allow myself to speak ill of her, on Frank's account: for I do believe her to be very fond of him.

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