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September 05, 2005


Daniel Hull

First, thanks for being a funny IP person. I, at least, needed that. The main IP guy at our firm is while interesting never funny. Ever.

I agree with you about the ratings game. I was very jazzed, glowing and filled with the Wonder Of Me for a week or two that my new blawg (shameless plug, here) was "#1" under's Popular Recently Added Blawgs. Mine is about the Art of the Client, and how the client experiences lawyers and lawyer services--I thought it was different and brilliant and the rating reflected this.

Until the site meter showed that the traffic, for the most part, was likely a result of me tinkering with and clicking on my new blawg like a mental patient with a new electronic toy.

Still, I like the way collects stuff. Like other blawgs, it gives me ideas. And there really are good blawgs out there which will be read if the content stays good. Word of mouth does the rest. Blawg clearinghouses aren't likely to drive real readership stats. More than I ever would have thought, lawyers can be interesting and creative people who can teach me and people who do read my blawg something.

Funny IP folks, especially.

IP Funny Guy #1

What I found funny was how someone decided to smack us around abit...we were added to Blawg and soon found ourselves at the top of the
"recently added blogs" too. Funny prank whoever you were.


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